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The Borples are a well known Artificer family in the Kingdom of Hyranor. The Borples were introduced in Arc 4.

Family Members

  • Bingelbug Borple - Uncle to BIxlebong Borple. Lives with Diarmad's druid enclave in the Charcoal Grove.
  • Bettlebee Borple - Grandmother to Bixlebong Borple. Lives with her grandson Bixlebong Borple in the town of Winster.
  • Bixlebong Borple - The son of Gorple Borple and best friend of Aster. Lives with his Grandmother Bettlebee Borple in the town of Winster.
  • Gorple Borple - Father to Bixlebong Borple
  • Battlebox Borple aka John Borple - Wanted to make a name for himself instead of being grouped together with his family so he goes by John. He goes around and helps people, trying to look good while doing it, and getting the love, glory, and attention.



  • When asking what the name of BIx's father, Amellia responded with Gorple and we went with it