Unprepared Casters Podcast Wiki

The cover art for the podcast changes for every arc. In the background, it always depicts a piece of squared paper, with DnD-related pencil notes and a coffee stain, and in the foreground, there is always the Unprepared Casters logo. In the upper left corner, there are always three dice, in the lower left and upper right corner there are snacks, and in the lower right corner there is a pencil. The colour of the dice, the kind of snack, and the colour of the pencil change for every arc, though, and so do the little scribbled doodles on the paper in the background. For Arcs 1-6, the dice are a d8 showing a 6, a d6 showing a 4, and a d20 showing a 13. For Arc 7, the dice are a d8 showing a 5, a d6 showing a 2, and a d20 showing an 8.

Changes in the cover art over the arcs:
#Arc Dice Colours Snack Pencil Colour Doodles
Arc 1: Dragons in Dungeons Purple, gold numbers Pretzels Orange outside, grey mine Dragon, sword
Arc 2: Lovejoy's Four Green / teal, gold numbers Cheese-itz Dark green Head of a cat, diamonds
Arc 3: Gonna Raise Hell Orange / brown, gold numbers Gummy Worms Red Devil, Fire
Arc 4: Orb is Life Black, gold numbers Fruit Snacks Pink Skull with crossed bones, trophy with "#1" written on it
Arc 5: Lives of the Party Light blue, dark blue numbers Popcorn Blue outside, grey mine Circus tent, snowflake
Holiday Specials 2021 Shiny red, golden numbers Candy Sticks, additionally: decorated fir twig Golden outside, grey mine Star, gingerbread man
Arc 6: The Glacerian Trail Textured white, black numbers Life Savers Mint White outside, grey mine Pirate flag, icicles
Arc 7: Wizards off the Coast Purple, gold numbers and edges Pretzels Orange outside, grey mine Dragon, sword
Wintersummerschool Oneshot Dark green, bronze numbers and edges None None None
Arc 8: The King is Dead Red, gold numbers and edges Gold-wrapped chocolates Gold outside, grey mine Crown, scroll