Unprepared Casters Podcast Wiki

Here is where things that were by no means supposed to be a focus of an episode or arc become the focus because it's all fans are talking about.

Arc 1

For arc one, one of the big focus' for the fandom was just the PCs in general. There were constant theories and discussions as we tried to figure out everything about everything about the PCs.

In episode 1 we're introduced to Hope Lovejoy and her amazing horse Sugar. Sugar is just the sweetest little horse that absolutely adores sugar cubes, hence the name. We find out in episode 2 when Deb gets to ride her that she can get "a little feisty" without her sugar cube. This is likely the moment Sugar became a fandom focus.

Also in Episode 1 we got Hope's long speeches. Hope is a fairly put together woman, but having been left alone to pray so much, she tends to ramble on a bit, much to the love of the fandom but not of SK-73. In episode 2 all SK-73 wants is a bit of a heal but what he gets first is at least 10 minutes of Hope talking. The fandom fall in love.

in Episode 2 we get our first battle and we get to see Deb use their bard powers through baked goods. Throwing burnt ones at enemies for their cutting words and giving their friends fresh ones for bardic inspiration. Deb and their love for baked goods also inspired Shklerp to create recipes for some of the baked goods with the help of Pax and the rest of the cast.

Further into Episode 2 we meet Van at the end of the episode and as soon as we knew more about them, the fandom fell in love. There was discussion of what Van looked like before they began to morph to look like our adventurers and as a whole we came to the conclusion that Van appeared much like Haley looks. That way all of the people at the table were somehow involved in the way they looked.

Sometime after episode 2 on the Patreon server a weekly listening party started where everyone who wants to and can hops on call and we listen to the episode together and react in a text channel. For this we also started a count down starting the day after the previous episode airs(aka Tuesdays) and it is a thing some of the fans look forward to getting every day as we lead up to the new episode.

In Episode 3 Jenny kept getting 8s rolled and the rest of the cast teased her about it and so it then became a joke on the Patreon that 8s are crits. This even lead to a special homebrew item being created for one of arc 2's PCs where 8s do in fact crit.

Arc 2

Starting off in Lyndell's character introduction, we found out that Lyndell had fallen in love with Robyn and as a fandom we wanted them together.

In episode 2 we met the NPC Richard and found out about his hand of "Bois" Jorid, Florid, Bob and Grass. They are the embodiment of frat boys that the fandom cannot get over. To the point that it became a Patreon goal to get a one shot of them. Richard is the second oldest Lovejoy child and he and his Bois party all the time and go to bars and such.

In Episode 4 we take a trip to a hedge maze at the secret Lovejoy summer mansion. During this time the party runs into some security drones and in attempt to get rid of one that spotted them, Lyndell throws her light hammer at the creature. In the process, loosing the hammer all together. Lyndell was sad about this and the fandom followed suit morning the loss of the hammer with Lyndell and the players. Just a fun note, this hammer is just the light hammer a barbarian gets to pick for a simple weapon choice. There is nothing special about this hammer besides that Lyndell is sad she lost it.

Arc 3

Charles becomes a fan favourite. People create drawings and crochet plushies, and Haley later shares a voice memo of them doing the Charles voice saying "I love you" for people who want to give their plushies a little voice box.

Amelia censors their messages not only by putting them as spoilers into the Discord, but by actively writing out the word [REDACTED] instead of names or spoilers.

Arc 4

Orb Speak, the origins have been lost to time, but Orb speak replaces all vowels with "orb" and have taken over arc four discussions.

Even though she does not appear on the Arc (but later in the Ace's First Birthday oneshot), people love Quinn's girlfriend Harley, which Grace introduces and talks about on the Discord.

Arc 5

Arc 6

Arc 6 is the first arc where we create Bingo cards. Some people create them after the trailer, some after Episode 0.

The "Soup" meme takes over: people post pictures of their soup, and talk about soup, all while marking the words and pictures as spoilers or censoring them.

Remeny and Beryl become a new favourite ship, with the shipping name "Benemy".

Arc 7

Arc 8

During Arc 8, but unconnected to it, Abbey first introduces the idea of an imaginary UC summer camp, and people quickly latch on to it. Camp cabins are assigned by favourite arc, and ideas are collected for roles in the camp and fun activities.