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High Spouse Queen Lilliana Eirik is the wife of King Alaric Eirik, monarch of Hyranor from 110 AE to 163 AE.


Queen Lilliana is an elegant woman, that at any point seems exquisitely put together. She is very conscious of what she wears, but not opposed to experimenting.

She has dark, long hair.

In her role as queen, most of her life is determined by protocol, which gives her a sense of security. When that is missing, she can sometimes be a bit overwhelmed. It is her duty as high spouse to ensure that her husband's reign runs smoothly, and to handle the things he cannot handle himself. This sometimes means that there is little time for her family and children, though.

When she is angry, she can be quite cold, and her eyes alone could kill.

Character Arc

Arc 3

At the start of Arc 3, Lilliana and Alaric plan to marry their daughter, Princess Sybilla, to a prince from the country of Malum, an arrangement with which Sybilla doesn't agree. This leads to some arguments in the family, and during Episode 2 of Arc 3, Sybilla storms out of the castle in anger.

While she is out, Sybilla gets attacked by a devil and loses her arm (see Attack on Princess Sybilla). Princess Isadora finds her and drags her back, and only with the help of the Arc 3 party, specifically Diarmad, Sybilla heals and even gets her arm back. As Sybilla is recovering, Lilliana does not leave her side, and only sleeps when Bombyx promises her that they will watch over Sybilla in the meantime. As Sybilla is awake again, Lilliana helps the Arc 3 party follow the devils.

Between Arc 3 and Arc 8

Instead of marrying the prince from Malum, Sybilla marries Jim, the fertilizer guy and inofficial adoptive son of Bombyx Mori. Lilliana does not quite warm up to him, because she did not pick him out. Jim and Sybilla have two daughters, Constance Clover and Jane Joanne.

Arc 8

On the day of Alaric's death ceremony, Lilliana is a bit distraught. She thought being able to schedule his death would make things easier, but it doesn't really. In addition to losing a husband, she also loses her power as queen, at least as soon as the new monarch is chosen; until then she functions as an interim monarch.

During the last meeting of the Major Council under the rule of King Alaric, a royal researcher informs her and Alaric that Sybilla is not eligible to be the successor or new monarch of Hyranor, since the Lifespan Law does not allow for anyone who had regenerative magic cast on their limbs to have this position. Lilliana tries to deliver the news to Sybilla by making her admit that she doesn't really want to be queen after all, and by telling Sybilla about the responsibilities and how she regrets that she did not have more time for her children. This does not work on Sybilla, though, who gets impatient, so Lilliana just breaks the news to her as it is, and tells her that Isadora is the new successor. She barely lets Sybilla ask questions or come to terms with this new reality, and rather scolds her for being emotional about it.

When she introduces Isadora in her new role to the Minor Council shortly thereafter, she tries to prevent them from asking too many pressing questions, but does not manage to do so. Thus, it becomes obvious to the council that Isadora is not suited at all for the position, despite Isadora and Lilliana insisting that her time as an adventurer means that she understands the problems of the people, and everything else will follow soon.

As Sybilla becomes eligible again to be the monarch, Lilliana apologises to the council for the chaos, but does not hesitate to give her back her old position, even though she does not let any emotion show through in that process. She speaks up for Sybilla again and assures the council that she is a suitable successor, since she has been training her whole life for this position.

During the coup, Lilliana is entirely powerless. She can only stand and watch as the guards turn against the people, Sybilla, and her, and knows that she has no allies in the castle anymore, and has lost all her power with Sybilla's election. The only thing she can do is stand next to Nephila and show the unity of the monarchy with the people of Hyranor, and then watch as Nephila falls to what most people assume is their death. Similarily, as Sybilla is coronated after the fighting has ended, Lilliana cannot prevent the Prime Lord Wizard from killing her.


  • Lilliana loves to read; once, she has read 100 books in a year.