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A note on templates: it is easiest to work with infoboxes in the "Source Editing" mode instead of "Visual Editor" (blue text in the top right corner of the editing box, click on the arrow, select "Source editing"). The infobox templates listed below all have a detailed explanation on how to work with them in Source Editing mode. You can simply copy paste the code written in the "Syntax" section of each template page into the page you are editing and include the data you have behind the "=" sign of the box. If you want to see an example of this, you can of course always click on "Edit" on a finished page to see what the code looks like, or even better, try things out in the sandbox page linked on the template sheet. I promise you, it's easier than it might seem at first.

If you have questions, feel free to join the Discord (find the link below) and ask. If you have more advanced visions, especially when it comes to the creation of new templates, it might be easiest to check out the Help pages of Community Central, especially the Help: Infoboxes page might be useful. Also, since all Fandom Wikis are under Creative Commons, you are allowed to look at the source other Wikis use, and then copy and adapt that to fit your ideas. This is actually how most of these templates came to be!


  • Characters - use the Podcast Character template for most, and only if the characters basic data significantly changes throughout different appearances with their backstory and arc staying the same, use the Changing Character template
  • Episode Air Time - for Arc pages. Arcs with more than 6 episodes need to have the additional episode air times added through the source code editor.
  • Location - for Location pages, please, again, use the "Podcast Location" Infobox Template, not the "Location" template)

Page Set Ups

We have created set up pages, so that the formats for the pages can stay consistent.


  • Spoiler Boxes - this template is there to notify anyone that there are spoilers below it
  • Hidden Spoilers - if you want to hide spoilers in an infobox or standard text, use the following code inside the infobox code:
     <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" data-expandtext="Show Spoiler" data-collapsetext="Hide Spoiler">This is the Spoiler</div>
    You can find an example for this on the pages for Wren Forrester (Spoilers for Arc 5 Episode 4) and Salas (Spoilers for Arc 6 Episode 7). If you want to change the visible text that people click on, simply edit the text that says "Show Spoiler" or "Hide Spoiler", e.g. to say "Show Spoiler for Arc 5 Episode 4":
     <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" data-expandtext="Show Spoiler for Arc 5 Episode 4" data-collapsetext="Hide Spoiler">This is the Spoiler</div>
    The collapsible button is automatically aligned left and cannot be changed individually, the change is in the CSS of the Wiki (find more info here).
  • Colour changes - if you want to change the colour of a piece of text, use the following code:
     <font color="blue">This is your text</font>
    It is best when you exchange the "blue" for a colour code you want to have, for example #8f412e. Colour codes can easily be picked from images with the help of websites like Color Code Finder.


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