Unprepared Casters Podcast Wiki

Outside of Arcs

  • Jenny was the first guest DM (Catpaign and Richard and the Boys)
  • Kyle was the second guest DM (Arc 3 Flashback)
  • The Unprepared Casters jingle was inspired by the little song Haley and Gus sang on TikTok together, through which they got to know each other (Bardic Babble Podcast Episode with Haley and Gus as guests, released April 25, 2022)

Arc 1

  • (Episode 1) -- There are very few robots (Warforged) in the world -John
  • (Episode 1) -- Thavius doesn't need sustenance -Kyle
  • (Episode 1) -- If Thavius sleeps for more than 4 hours his soul might escape -Kyle
  • (Episode 2) -- Thavius implies there is no stealing in the shadowfell -Kyle
  • (Episode 3) -- Blaise Stoker is a warrior from about a century ago
  • (Episode 3) -- King Lucius Pinn was murdered with the greatsword of Blaise Stoker about a century ago (two kings ago)
  • (Episode 3) -- Affecting a dead body does not affect where their soul is -Kyle
  • (Episode 6) -- There are no doors in the shadowfell -Kyle

Arc 2

  • (Episode 1) -- The number one name in Glaceria is Boris (in varying spellings) -Julia

Arc 3

  • (Episode 1) -- There is a rental service called "U-Trot" that rents carriages and spans over multiple cities -Sedona
  • (Episode 3) -- Lathe and Annie went into a dungeon alone together at some point, but that is not when Lathe died
  • (Episode 4) -- Candlenights is the fantasy equivalent of Christmas -Amelia

Arc 5

  • (Episode 1) -- Omen says that there are not a lot of graphic designers in the forest, implying that there are graphic designers elsewhere
  • (Episode 1) -- There is a novel called Unprepared Casters in the world -Chris
  • (Episode 2) -- There is one moon, and that moon has two lunar satellites itself -Haley
  • (Episode 4) -- In the Feywild, you do not pick your job -Haley
  • (Episode 5) -- Edward claims that it is not hard to escape murder charges

Arc 7

  • (Episode 4) -- SK-73 claims that Elvish is a dying language