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The Rose Clan is a sprawling clan mostly consisting of criminals, most of them related by blood, and one of the rival families of the Lovejoys. They were introduced in Arc 2.

Nearly all members of the clan are well-acquainted with breaking the law, and their members are well-connected with each other. Most of them can be described as tabaxis of different colours and levels of poofyness.

Members of the Clan

  • Alek Rose - Sasha's fast and loose cousin. He gets into trouble a lot.
  • Borys Rose - Triplet with Sasha and Viktor. A soft poofy grey Tabaxi with a strong jaw and brow and a strong, calming presence. Especially close to Viktor, with whom he lives in Glaceria and gets up to shenanigans regularly. He is known as "the smart one" of the pair, even though Viktor is not stupid, but simply not as good at focusing on tasks.
  • Igor Rose - Tabaxi with a black and white tuxedo pattern. Participates in the Snowdrop competition that's a part of the Festival of the Dawnfather's Rest three times, and wins it in 21 AP, in which he was a favourite for the audience. Grandfather to Sasha, Viktor and Borys.
  • Ivan Rose - father of Borys, Sasha, and Viktor
  • Katlina Rose - mother of Borys, Sasha, and Viktor
  • Sasha Rose - Player Character of Arc 2, a hairless Tabaxi that only does crime on the off-hours of her dayjob at a workshop.
  • Viktor Rose - Triplet with Sasha and Borys. Especially close with Borys and gets up to shenanigans. He is a tabaxi with soft poofy fur that is mostly black, but has a big white splotch on his face, and deep ember eyes. He and Borys live in Glaceria. Viktor makes his living from crime, and is good at drawing.


  • Sasha's Appartment - In Glaceria, she lives there with her girlfriend (later fiancée, and then wife) Mischka.
  • Underground Rooftop - The location where Sasha and Mischka marry. It is a building built underground, and this building has a rooftop. On the rooftop, there is a garden with a large fountain, and a reception area with dance floor. Magical panels display a false sky, and delicate lights float around like fireflies.
  • Victor and Borys's House - In Glaceria. The basement of this house is the place where the Arc 2 party meets for the first time, and again at the end of the arc. The basement is dimly lit, and the floor made of cracked stones, but it is lavishly furnished with expensive couches and other furniture.

Big Events for the Clan


  • The Taurons - the Rose clan and the Tauron family have a long and tumultuous history, during which they sometimes were allies, and sometimes rivals.


  • The Lovejoys - the Lovejoys are the most powerful family in Glaceria, and incredibly rich. Stealing from the Lovejoys is the big goal for the Rose clan, but until 131 AE, nobody dares to do so.
  • The Taurons - the Rose clan and the Tauron family have a long and tumultuous history, during which they sometimes were allies, and sometimes rivals.


  • Usually, at least one person gets stabbed at a Rose wedding.