Unprepared Casters Podcast Wiki

Side Quests In Order of Release

Catpaign - Jenny DMs a short adventure for a literal cat.

The Witch is Dead - The Arc 1(and 7) cast play a TTRPG entitled The Witch is Dead and go on a perilous adventure to save their mom.

Richard and the Boys - Richard and his Boys crash the Lovejoy Decennial Family Celebration of Love and Joy.

Arc 3 Flashback - Four years before the events of Arc 3, the party(including Lathe) go on their first adventure together.

Ace's First Birthday - 3 months after the events of Arc 4, Ace is missing when their birthday is supposed to be being celebrated and the party must go find them.

Annie and Charles Day of Fun - After being mean to Charles, Bombyx and Fey made Annie promise Charles a day of fun, and Annie delivers.

Snowdrop Livestream - 2 years before the events of Arc 5, we get to witness a Snowdrop competition how it was intended to be.

The Curious Case of Coldwater Crater - a group of adventures take on a case after seeing a flyer about a town in need

Sky Pirate Beach Day - About 5 months before Arc 6, our favorite sky pirates have a relaxing day at the beach to celebrate Kipp's first successful mission.

Sasha and Mischka's Wedding - The day after the end of Arc 3, Sasha and Mischka get married

Soul Coinclusion - After the events of Arc 7 Thavius and friends complete his soul coin mission.

Wintersummerschool - Oops all Wizards oneshot

Battle Royale - UC characters fighting each other