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This page may contain major spoilers for all Arcs and Side Quests. Continue with caution!

Here is a timeline of events. The ages correspond to eras or dynasties, and are named after the currently ruling royal family (for more information see The Royal Families of Hyranor). With each new age, the count of years resets.

Age of ??

All dates referring to the age of Pinn, i.e. -32 means 32 years before the age of Pinn.

Age of Pinn

0 AP

Omen Haxolpenny is born in 1 or 2 AP

12 AP

19 AP

21 AP

46 AP

Sky Pirate Beach Day happens 5 months before Arc 6, meaning in 70 or 71 AP.

71 AP

91 AP

  • The last year of the Age of Pinn: Lucius Pinn is assassinated in the Pinn Drop Oneshot
  • A period of political unrest begins that ends with the coronation of Maevir Eirik.

Age of Eirik

0 AE

  • Maevir Eirik becomes queen of Hyranor

1 AE

  • The succession laws are created

37 AE

86 AE

99 AE

103 AE

105 AE

106 AE

109 AE

110 AE

Deb is born between 109 and 111 AE

116 AE

118 AE

121 AE

123 AE

Bixlebong is a few months older than the Arc 4 party, and thus born in late 125 or early 126 AE.

126 AE

129 AE

131 AE

Gems contact with the devils starts six months after the Arc 3 party saves the world for the first time, meaning in late 131 AE or early 132 AE.

132 AE

133 AE

136 AE

143 AE

  • Ace manifests in the Orbula pre-season, 9 months before Arc 4.
  • Autumn: Arc 4 happens.

144 AE

147 AE

163 AE

  • Spring the 28th (Tomorrowday): Arc 8 happens, King Alaric Eirik dies.
  • Spring the 29th: Sybilla Eirik is coronated and moments later assassinated.
  • Spring the 29th: Gem Lovejoy is released from prison and moments later assassinated.
  • Glaceria becomes an independent nation.

Unknown in the Timeline