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Unprepared Casters Podcast

Unprepared Casters is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast hosted by Gus (@Gusthebard on TikTok) and Haley (@Whipjack on TikTok). Both hosts take turns as either Player or Dungeon Master for each short story arc, and each arc is a spin-off of the previous ones. Every few weeks, new guest players bring new characters to the table and start a new story in the same universe, but not connected as a continuous campaign.

Arcs have 6-8 episodes, and each episode is about 90-120 minutes long, with few exceptions.

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Where To Start

Since each arc is a new story, you can start with Episode 0 of whatever arc you like, either the currently running one or the one that sounds most interesting to you. For an overview over the arcs, head over to Arcs and Side Quests Overview. Listen to any arc wherever you get your podcasts, or on the Unprepared Casters Patreon, where you can listen to episodes for free and also support the show. Starting with Arc 3, you can additionally find episode transcripts there for free as a file attached to the episode. Please be patient as transcripts are not always released together with the episode, but can take some time.

The side quests are longer oneshots that also take place in the same universe, but are played in a single session. Some of them are connected to arcs, some are completely stand-alone. Most of the sidequests are streamed live on Twitch, and can be found as VODs on YouTube shortly after.

If you want to listen to all arcs and sidequests in order of release, see content release order to find out where to start.

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